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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The individuality of EVERY child is celebrated and valued at Beddington Park Primary School!

Every child is special and every child is unique.  Sometimes some of the myriad of factors that contribute to this uniqueness may also mean that a particular type of consideration is needed in order to ensure that a child has equal access to our wonderful and diverse curriculum.  Where this is the case, a child may fall under our SEND remit.

SEND is an acronym, standing for ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability’.  The way in which we are able to approach SEND practice forms what is termed our ‘Local Offer’.

Our Local Offer

The aim of our Local Offer is to provide effective support, differentiation and provision within a framework that is inclusive in outlook and provides strong and effective levels of communication.  The school will work closely with parents and carers, and other outside agencies where relevant, in order to craft and tailor the very best provision for SEND children.

Mrs Leeder, Inclusion Manager

At Beddington Park Primary, we will:

  • Provide a differentiated curriculum, appropriate to the needs and ability of the individual child.
  • Identify all children requiring SEND input as early as possible in their school career, in order that provision will have maximum positive impact.
  • Ensure that all children requiring SEND provision are as fully involved as possible in all aspects of school life.
  • Do all we can to fully and appropriately involve and inform parents concerning the performance and attainment of their child.
  • Ensure that children benefitting from SEND provision are appropriately involved choices and decisions affecting their education.

The SEND provision across our school is overseen by Mrs Leeder, our Inclusion Manager.

A child receiving SEND support will do so on according to three different stages.  this are:

  • ‘School Support’ – at this level interventions and activities will be largely or wholly school based.
  • ‘Enhanced School Support’ – this level denotes where children are receiving significant input from outside agencies, in addition to school based support.
  • ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’ (EHCP) – children who are in receipt of an EHCP will have a specified amount of one to one adult directed support.  An EHCP lists personalised targets and is reviewed annually.  EHCPs are authorised at a local authority level, following an extended period of evidence gathering and assessment.  EHCP documents supercede the erstwhile ‘Statement of Special Educational Needs’.

Further details of the types of provision contained within our Local Offer  are exemplified in the document linked below:

Local Offer

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Leeder should you require any further information in respect of our SEND provision here at Beddington Park Primary. For information regarding SEND in Sutton, please visit http://localoffer.sutton.gov.uk

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

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