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School Meals

Our healthy, balanced hot school meals are cooked on the premises and can cater for a wide range of medical, religious and other dietary requirements!

Hot school lunches are available to any child in Reception, through to Year Six. Since September 2014, the government has also provided funding directly into schools, which allows all children in Reception, Year One and Year Two the option of being provided a school lunch free of charge.  Further details of this initiative are available by clicking this link.

School lunches for children in years three, four, five and six are charged at £2.30 per meal, unless you are able to successfully apply for free school meals, as many of our families have been able to do.  A section on how to apply for free school meals is included on this page.

Miss Simpson implements all school lunch arrangements.

You are, of course, free to choose to send your child in with a lunch packed from home.  We would only ask that these  be generally healthy, sufficient and well balanced.

Letting us know what you would like your child to do for lunch

Whatever your choice, we need you to let us know in advance.  You can do this by calling the school office and talking to Miss Simpson, who implements and advises on all matters relating to school meals.

Once you have decided whether you would like your child to have school dinners or bring a packed lunch, you need to stay with that choice for a minimum of one half term.  This is because we need to order food in advance and quantities are therefore key.

Why not take a look at our delicious Autumn 2020 menu!

How do I apply for Free School Meals?

Free school meals are available for some families on lower incomes.  The funding for free school meals comes directly from the government and eligibility criteria apply.

It is important that you let us know if you have been successful in applying for free school meals, not only because we can then immediately action this, but also because your child will also be funded for extra learning support and provision, via the Pupil Premium Grant.

Similarly, it is also very important to apply for free school meals, even if your child is in the infants and receives a school lunch free through the universal government funding.  This is because your child will not receive the Pupil Premium Grant unless you apply (and are successful).

We are very happy to help you apply for free school meals.  If you would like an appropriately confidential conversation regarding any aspect of eligibility or the application process, please feel free to contact Mrs Saunders.

See the eligibility criteria and apply for free school meals here.

Visit our Pupil Premium Page to find out how we allocate the Pupil Premium Grant.

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

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