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Mrs Bright, Rise’n’Shine Manager

Our Rise’n’Shine Manager, Mrs Bright.

Rise ‘n’ Shine Breakfast and After School Club

Beddington Park Primary has its very own breakfast and after school clubs!  We don’t franchise out  – the ‘Rise ‘n’ Shine’ clubs are owned entirely by us, and so run to the same highest standards as all of the rest of our school!  The Rise ‘n’ Shine manager is Mrs Bright, who also works as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant with us.  Indeed, all of the Rise ‘n’ Shine team are directly employed by the school, meaning that they personally and individually know all of our policies, procedures, safeguarding, and of course, our wonderful children! Breakfast and after school provision is, of course, an chargeable, optional extra service that the school delivers. If you are interested in your child attending the Rise ‘n’ Shine provision, or simply finding out more, please feel free to contact Mrs Bright, or the school office!

Our School Day

Arrival at the school building:

Our school day starts at 8.45am.  Children should please arrive for this time, when the doors will be opened for children to enter the school.  Children in years one, two, three, four, five and six will come into school via the main playground.  Children in Reception should enter the school via the main school entrance on Mallinson Road.  Children in Nursery should enter the school via the dedicated Nursery entrance, reached by going into the Children’s Centre building.  Please note that all children should be accompanied and supervised by parent or carer before school. You will always find a member of SLT, as well as other members of staff, on the playground each morning should you wish to speak to someone – just look out for our purple vests! 


Registers are taken at 8.45am.  Whilst registers are being taken, children will be engaged in learning activities, such as spelling, grammar and reading or the practising of multiplication tables.  It is therefore really important that children please get to school on time. Parents and carers of children arriving after 8.45am are required to take their child to the main school entrance and sign the Late Arrivals book.  Children arriving after 8.45am will receive a late mark in the school register.

Morning Lessons:

Morning lessons will generally focus on the teaching of English and mathematics.  More information on what these sessions might entail can be found via our Curriculum page.  Feel free to click on this link to get straight there!

One of our many specialist assemblies involved us being visited by a member of the British Olympic hurdles team! The children loved the event and got fully involved…
One of our many specialist assemblies involved us being visited by a member of the British Olympic hurdles team! The children loved the event and got fully involved…

Our dedicated Rise 'n' Shine Team!   (From left to right: Mrs Bright, Mrs Wilson (manager), Miss Shipley, Mrs Anderson).
…even the staff joined in, as can be clearly seen in this action shot !..


Our assemblies cover a wide range of activities and events to celebrate learning and achievements right across the school! Assemblies will generally last twenty minutes in length.

In addition to the ‘standard’ assemblies listed below, we will also have a wide variety of specialist assemblies, celebrating everything from music to sport!

Class assemblies are another treat! Periodically, classes will put on a show of the learning they are undertaking. These can include any and all form of expression, from drama, to dance and from poetry to song! Parents and carers of the class concerned are always invited to these class assemblies.


In addition, we run regular monthly author assemblies, planned by our full time school librarian, Mrs Woolmer. These will showcase a different author each time, and aim to develop and strengthen children’s awareness as to the wide variety, range and styles of quality children’s writers.

On a standard week, the assembly timetable for the week is as set out below:

Monday – A separate infant  and junior school ‘Start the Week’ assembly

Tuesday – Class assemblies

Wednesday – Singing assemblies

Thursday – Class assemblies

Friday – A separate infant and junior ‘Golden Assembly’ – celebrating achievement across the week


Breaktimes take place at either 10.05 or 10.30am, and last for fifteen minutes.  We currently have free fruit available for both junior and infant children.  Children should not, therefore, need to bring in a snack from home.  However, if you do prefer your child to bring their own snack in, please ensure that this is fruit based, or otherwise healthy.

The children play games in the main playground, and when the weather is warm and fine, the field is made available.  At the end of break time, a bell is rung and the children line up.  Class teachers come out to meet their classes on the playground and to escort them back in.

Breaktimes are always supervised by a minimum of two members of staff, who also carry a two way radio.  This gives them immediate access to the school should they so need it.

Children in reception and nursery classes have their own designated and beautifully resourced area in which to play at breaktimes.


A team of dinner supervisors and teaching assistants supervise activities throughout the lunchtime.  Parents may express a preference that their child receives a balanced, hot meal or they may choose to send their child in with a packed lunch from home.  As food needs to be sourced and ordered in advance, we ask that parents and carers only change their preference at the beginning of a half-term.

Children in reception, year one and year two are also able to receive a government funded hot meal daily.  This means that there will be no charge to parents and carers for school dinners in these year groups.  Parents and carers can, of course, still opt to provide their child with a packed lunch from home, but we ask that this decision be made at the beginning of any given half-term (see above).

Miss Simpson can advise on all aspects of school meals.  She is based in the school office, so feel free to call or just pop in!

A year six child makes a democratic pitch to become a prefect at the beginning of the school year.
A year six child makes a democratic pitch to become a prefect at the beginning of the school year.

Children outside of the above year groups may also receive a free school dinner if your family is in receipt of certain benefits.

The school is able to fully cater for a variety of religious and medical dietary requirements. It is also very important that parents and carers list all allergies on the contact form that they fill in when their child starts at our school.  this information can and should be adjusted at any point if and when such information requires updating.

Miss Simpson undertakes all duties in respect of the organisation and running of school meals. Please feel free to speak with her if you would like any more information about any of the above. Please note that conversations regarding eligibility for free school meals may be undertaken in private room and in full appropriate professional confidence.

When not eating at lunchtime, children will play a variety of games on the main playground.  Children may also be permitted to play on the school field when weather is warm and fine.

Children in reception classes have their own designated and beautifully resourced area in which to play at lunchtimes.

Our children themselves also have key roles in furthering fun and positive lunchtimes.  The school has a team of year six prefects who work a rota to look after the corridor areas at lunchtime.  Prefects are elected by their own classmates at the beginning of the year, following  a democratic campaign in which all who wish to become prefects make presentations and speeches to persuade others to vote for them.  This is just one of the many ways we incorporate the principles of ‘British Values’ into our school (to find out more about ‘British Values’, visit the corresponding page on this website, or just click here.  Prefects help to further the ‘Politeness, Manners and Respect’ code of conduct that all of our children own, celebrate and model throughout our school.


Afternoon lessons:

Lunchtime finishes at 1.00pm for infants and 1:30pm for juniors. Lunch time begins for these children at 12:00pm and 12:30pm respectively.  The children are collected from the playground by their class teachers at the end of lunch. Afternoon lessons are generally more topic based and focused on the holistic learning of a wide variety of curricular areas, such as history, geography, art, RE etc.  PE and science activities will also often take place in the afternoon.

End of the Day:

The school day ends at 3.15pm for infants and 3.20pm for junior children.  Children are led out by their teachers who will wait until they make visual contact with a parent or authorised carer that they know and recognise before they hand over your child.  Whilst this may take slightly longer, you can be assured that you child will never be released to anyone that we don’t know is fully authorised to collect them.  For this reason, please introduce us personally to any adult that you wish to be able to to collect your child.  Please do not ever just send someone different along, or even simply ring to tell us that someone different that you have not previously introduced us to, will be collecting your child.  In the interests of safety, we will not let the child go in these circumstances.  Please also note that no person under the age of eighteen may collect a child from the school.

No child below year six may make their own way home.  Should your child be in year six, and you want them to make their own way home, please provide us with this request in writing to the class teacher.  We will not permit any year six child to go home unaccompanied unless we have received this information.

If your child is attending an extracurricular activity, the letter which accompanied their starting the club.

Once again, you will notice members of SLT present on the playground after school in order to assist you in any way. 

Mrs Bright, Rise’n’Shine Manager

Mrs Bright, Rise ‘n’ Shine Manager

Rise ‘n’ Shine After School Club:

There is opportunity for your child to remain in school whilst engaged in supervised, fun activities if they join the Rise ‘n’ Shine After School Club.  The Risen ‘n’ Shine club allows children to be collected at any time up to six o’clock in the evening.   Run by the same team as our Rise ‘n’ Shine Breakfast Club (see above), all provision is similarly overseen in-house, to our highest standards.  All places are subject to availability and incur a modest charge.  Please feel free to contact our Rise ‘n’ Shine manager, Mrs Bright, if you would like more information.

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

  • ISA marks 2015-2018 420X420
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