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OUR curriculum – designed from the ground up with OUR community in mind!

Ok, so what exactly does that mean?  It means that we have taken the National Curriculum as our firm base, and then built around it a rich and diverse range of activities, investigations, opportunities and visits which perfectly complement the interests, learning styles, location and experiences of our children and community!  All of this combines to provide a supremely engaging and effective package of learning, leading to exceptionally successful outcomes for all of our pupils (for more on the success of our school, see our School Performance and Data page – the link is here!).

There are many examples of the sorts of creative, scientific and sporting which exist in abundance here at Beddington Park Primary School, and you can begin to start exploring these from our Gallery tab right here on our website.  

If you would like further information regarding the Primary National Curriculum the link is here

Ok, that sounds great, but what exactly will my child learn?

Good question!  As we said at the outset, our curriculum has its roots in the National Curriculum, and therefore, parents and carers of potentially new children should be reassured that the learning here will complement and extend whatever might be in place at any state school your child might currently attend.  What marks us out though, is the relevance, the vibrancy, the care and the pride that we have for our provision!

On the Foundation Stage Classes page you will find a Yearly Overview which details exactly what our Nursery and Reception children will learn throughout the year. You will find similar documentation for years 1 to 6 on the relevant Key Stage Class pages. We hope that you find this informative and helpful. In addition to finding out directly about the year that your child is in, you might like to look ahead to other year groups to see how their learning develops and extends.  You might also like to use these documents as a basis for a conversation with your child’s class teacher regarding how you might best support and further extend your child’s learning at home.  We always welcome and support a strong home/school relationship and look forward to talking to you personally about your child’s experiences and outcomes with us here at Beddington Park Primary.  Please feel free to contact the school office or your class teacher directly, to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Phonics and Reading Schemes

We follow Letters and Sounds for phonics and we use Phonicsplay which is a website to support the teaching of phonics. 

Statutory Spelling Lists

The National Curriculum now contains lists of words that children are expected to learn to spell by various stages of their education.  These tend to be words that are in common useage but which may not always conform to expected phonic constructions.  These words will be included in the weekly spelling lists that are sent home and also tested and learned in class.  However, we thought it would be useful to publish each list, it its entirety, here.  Please note that these lists are no more than a minimum expectation and please be assured that children will learn very many more words that just those contained here!

The First 100 High Frequency Words.  These will normally be taught in Reception and Year One.

The Next 200 High Frequency Words.  These will normally be taught in Year One and Year Two.  It is the national expectation that children should be able to spell all three hundred words on these lists by the time they leave Year Two.

Statutory Spelling List – Years Three and Four.

Statutory Spelling List – Years Five and Six.

Mrs Waters, Assistant Headteacher with direct oversight of Teaching and Learning

…and so, in summary…

There we have it!  An overview of our vibrant, carefully crafted and exciting curriculum!  We hope that you have found this page informative and that any initial questions that you may have had have been answered.  As with all things, if you would like to find out more, you only need ask!  Our curriculum is overseen, managed and monitored by Mrs Waters.  Mrs Waters would be only too happy to delve into further detail and answer any remaining questions you may have about the rich and fascinating curricular and extracurricular opportunities on offer here at Beddington Park Primary School!

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

  • ISA marks 2015-2018 420X420
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