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Welcome Message

Mr  Cooke, CEO and Executive Headteacher

Welcome to the Beddington Park Primary School Website!

You are visiting a school community which is hugely proud!  We are proud of our achievements; our commitment to Politeness, Manners and Respect (capitalised here as it is a regular motto for our fantastic children); our celebration of the value of difference and of our uniquely creative and vibrant environment.  The latter complements our similarly creative approach to learning and teaching. We base our approaches here on the individual – not just ‘how able is this child in…’ but also equally ‘what does this child enjoy?’, ‘who are their friends?’, ‘how do they best learn?’, ‘where do they best learn’ etc.  By combining and including all of these approaches and more into our planning, we are able to craft lessons and learning experiences that directly engage your child as an individual. Our teachers work by the principle of ‘ITTBW?’ – whatever they are intending to teach, ‘Is The The Best Way?’ to teach it?

We run a curriculum that we have specifically adapted for our school.  Whilst we follow the National Curriculum in terms of what needs to be taught in which year groups, the actual lessons we craft will take account of your child in relation to their school, in relation to Beddington, in relation to London, in relation to the UK, in relation to Europe, in relation to the World, in relation to the Earth in space! Local history and local art informs the local and wider perspectives.  Our approaches to learning are also uniquely creative – ‘Skreative’ in fact! Skreativity is our own terminology, designed to meld the two cornerstones of our approach to learning: a skills led, creatively engaged learning experience – Skreatiivity’ (see what we did there?!).  

The outcomes of these approaches have been very successful for many years.  We regularly significantly outperform all national expectations across all subjects and key stages assessed.  We have been asked to engage in local and national government projects designed to spread best practice in primary teaching and learning and have received several letters and notes of congratulations from the government on our performance over time.  

Our children are happy and love their school.  Our most recent OFSTED notes:

“Pupils said that behaviour is good … One pupil said, ‘Learning, Sharing and Growing Together’ is our school motto and it accurately reflects our school.’ Pupils learn and play well together”.

I warmly invite you to make an appointment to visit our happy school!  I have no doubt that, when you arrive, you will have your breath swept away by the stunning environment, beautifully behaved children – some of whom may well  shake you by the hand and welcome you to their school personally – and the absolute commitment to your child and the fully rounded, safe, exciting education they so richly deserve!

With very best wishes,

Mr Cooke

CEO and Executive Headteacher.


Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

  • ISA marks 2015-2018 420X420
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