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School Performance and Data

Children at Beddington Park Primary School regularly score very highly in relation to national averages and expectations.  Let’s look at this in more detail…

Things to think about when looking at school data:

As you would expect, there are many different ways to look at published school data.  This page intends to outline the key aspects to consider, and provide a straightforward guide to looking at and comparing key data.  In doing so, we will also give you all the ‘headline’ statistics for us here at Beddington Park Primary.

Firstly, we need to consider what type of data we are looking at.  ‘Attainment’ relates to the national ‘scaled score’ reached by our children – i.e. how highly they scored compared to children nationally.

However, attainment is only part of the picture.  Often considered even more important is the rapidity of ‘Progress’ across a school. This is important as it allows for a measure of impact whatever the initial and end attainment points might be.  For example, a child who began with scores very much lower than the national average, and leaves with scores above the national average, can arguably be said to have had a very successful school career.

The other thing to consider is the ‘groups’ that children are deemed to fall into. These allow the government, parents and carers to compare performance on a more like-for-like basis.  In addition to an ‘All Children’ group, a range of other categories also exist.  The government requires schools to compare, for example, the performances of children from different economic backgrounds, those who speak English as an additional language, those on the Special Educational Needs Register and many other aspects.

We are delighted to confirm that, over time,  Beddington Park Primary School consistently scores very highly, across a whole range of subjects and groups,  in terms of both attainment and progress.  This certainly remains true in many areas of the 2019 data.  

For the purposes of clarity and simplicity, we will present here the ‘Overall’ statistics from the most recent full academic year .   

Should you want to look at the performances of any of these groups in more details, we would be delighted to demonstrate to you how!

For now though – the headline figures can be seen be clicking this link.

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

  • ISA marks 2015-2018 420X420
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