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PE and Sport Premium

Miss Harrison is our Sports Leader

At Beddington Park Primary School, we love and value sport!

We have excellent provision and resources across a wide range of sporting activities, opportunities and disciplines.  We regularly compete in local leagues in football, cricket, athletics and will do so in other sports whenever such events are made available.

Our Sports Leader, Miss Harrison, is passionate about ensuring that all of our children have a full, rich and varied access to a range of activities! She will work closely with Premier Sports who will be leading a variety of sports clubs across the school, as well as with other agencies in order to provide the best opportunities for our children. Miss Harrison will also ensure that Beddington Park Primary School are represented in sporting events across the borough and that children’s own interests are catered for within our extra curricular activities. She will also support members of staff who wish to run extra curricular clubs, such as Miss Hibbert who is currently running a dance club. 

The Department for Education provides additional, dedicated funding for PE and Sport.  We make full use of this to extend opportunities and develop capacity even further.  A full breakdown of how we have done this in past years, together with our intended spend during the 2018/19 academic year, are presented in the documents available via the links below:

Current intended use of the Sports Premium Funding at Beddington Park Primary School

Historical use of the Sports Premium Funding at Beddington Park Primary School

In addition to timetabled PE sessions, a wide variety of clubs exist to further encourage and nurture a love for sport, a healthy lifestyle and equally healthy competition!  The exact nature of these clubs will vary from term to term, as we very much value the opportunity for children to request their own list of desired sporting opportunities – if they want it, and we can provide it, we will! 

Please see the timetable below for our Spring Term clubs currently running. 

All of our wonderful sporting and healthy lifestyles provision is overseen by our PE and Sports Leader, Miss Harrison.  So, if you or your child would like to request any particular sporting club, activity or opportunity, please feel free to let Miss Harrison know.

House Teams and House Afternoons

All children and staff across the school are allocated a house team.  They will either be members of Nonsuch (red team), Honeywood (green team), Carew (yellow team) or Whitehall (blue team).  Your child’s PE kit will then include a t-shirt of the corresponding colour.

The house teams allow healthy competition across the school, and (in addition to the annual Sports Day, to which all parents and carers are invited) we regularly run fun and exciting ‘House Afternoons’.  These combine a range of sporting and other physical activities, fully supervised by staff who are also in their house colour t-shirts and who are rooting for their individual teams just as much as the children are!  House afternoons are a great, fun way for the whole school to get together and enjoy themselves and are always extremely popular!

In addition to Sports Day and House Afternoons, children can also be awarded ‘House Points’ at any time and for any positive action.  House points are totalled weekly, and a winning house is announced in assembly and in our weekly newsletter, The Beddington Bulletin.  A tally of the total number of house points awarded over the course of the academic year to date is also recorded in the school hall for all to see!  The house teams are looked after by our pupil Team Captains (appointed in year six) and our staff Head of Houses:

Mrs Waters. Head of Whitehall House. (Blue team).

Mrs Arnold. Head of Honeywood House. (Green team).

Mrs Wilson. Head of Carew House. (Yellow team).

Miss Moir. Head of Nonsuch House.
(Red team).

Young Leaders

As with all things, our children are at the centre of sport and healthy activities across our school.  Accordingly, it is only right that we should involve them directly in safely facilitating and organising games and activities themselves!  This is why we provide a system of Young Leaders.  This is where children in the junior school apply and are selected for a six week training course.  Provided they successfully graduate from this course, they are then entitled to wear the yellow high-visibility vest of the Young Leader at lunchtimes and during house afternoons, sports days and other sporting events.  Becoming a Young Leader is a real achievement and a lot of fun!

Other Sporting Activities

…are honestly very varied and too numerous to mention in full!  However, it is probably important to mention here that children who represent the school in a sport, or who perform to an adult audience (in any sport, or indeed in a range of non-sports related activities also), are often eligible for a sew on badge to reflect their achievement.  The school often welcomes a wonderful range of esteemed sporting guests, from qualified coaches across a wide range of fields, to athletes who have represented Great Britain in the Olympics!  All are amazing role models and a huge inspiration to so many of our children!  We are committed to ensuring that sport is accessible to all, and, as with all things, we will tailor our provision to the skills, needs and abilities of all of our children.  Some of our proudest moments in sport have included the times when our Behaviour Leaders and other children have the privilege of joining with local schools who provide for children with severe physical disabilities, and jointly taking part in sporting games and activities there!

As you can see then, Beddington Park Primary is a school committed to sport and healthy lifestyles for all.  We aim to provide the breadth, excitement and diversity to ensure that all of our children find the love of a sport or activity that suits them perfectly!

Comments From Our Community…

  • My child is making excellent progress. Very happy with ethos of school. Very dedicated staff – excellent leadership team.

  • Very happy with my son’s development at the school. Great staff, lovely school with a lovely atmosphere.

  • Best decision I made.

  • Very pleased with my son’s progression in his speech, as this was my biggest concern coming into a new school.

  • He loves coming in each day.

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